A Peek at Past Events with Ms. J

Ms. J can be found around the Twin Cities and around the country delivering etiquette and professional development seminars, workshops and speaking engagements to diverse audiences such as college campuses, corporations, community organizations, correctional facilities and youth-serving organizations. Ms. J's Annual Princess Tea Party is one of the many ways that she gives back to the community. Teaching, informing, demonstrating; aways from the lens of life etiquette--how to 'be' in any situation.

Events with Ms. J
Manners are Memorable

Princess Tea Party

Annual Youth Event

Our mission is to help our youth improve their social and interpersonal skills for more positive, productive and successful relationships at home, school and in the community—skills that will help them interact with others, and to effectively navigate our increasingly complex world. Ms. J's Annual Princess Tea Party impresses upon young gilrs ages 5-8 years old that they are "princesses"; they should exhibit the characteristics of a Princess-kind, thoughtful, poised, respectful.

University Club Dining University Club Dining

Holiday and Special Occasion Dining

I believe that you will agree with the Emily Post Etiquette Institute that “Your behavior at business meals is every bit as important as the fellowship they foster. These are the only times when your conversational abilities, your self-possession and your table manners are on display all at once. Bear in mind that your manners reflect on the company you represent.” If you are not comfortable or confident with the art of “fine dining”, if the table setting is a mystery to you, the you are likely to “pass” on many wonderful opportunities to meet new people, try new culinary delights and have fun socializing. That is why Ms. J offers an annual “Holiday Dining Etiquette Seminar”.

The Holiday Dining Etiquette Seminar is a great way for professionals to come together for fun and learning while enjoying a wonderful meal. Manners Are Memorable—Put your Best Foot Forward at the Dining table. The 2018 Annual Holiday Dining Etiquette Seminar is Thursday, December 13, 2018. Please contact our office for details.

Career and Life Success


Etiquette for Career and Life Success: Ms. J can be found in corporate offices, college banquet and classrooms, and even correction facilities sharing her “life etiquette” message. Whether facilitating a workshop, seminar, or keynote speaking engagement, Ms. J creates space for people to learn how to “be” in any business or social situation. The basic tenets of etiquette are always included—respect for self, respect for others and respect for the world around it. Ms. J often refers to what she offers as “personal growth for career and life success”.

Some of her most requested seminars include interview etiquette, social media etiquette, business dining and the 24/7 Professional. Participants look forward to taking part in the Dressed for Success Fashion Show where participants often stand a little taller and walk with more poise, pride and purpose as they get "Ready for Success". Strictly business or purely social, Manners Are Memorable

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Children and Teens

Leadership, Confidence, Power

Ms. J offers special etiquette workshop series for children through the teen years. Children and teen participants will learn basic manners and age-appropriate etiquette. Many of the teen groups include “leadership” etiquette.

Why? Because Manners Are Memorable.

Even if you are a young person, people remember what you do, what you say and how you behave. It all matters. Etiquette for children and teens is designed to be engaging, interactive and fun—a safe space for young people to commit “faux pas” without embarrassment. These essential life skills prepare them to be comfortable, confident, and self-assured as they navigate our increasingly complex and diverse world.