Ms. J’s Interview Etiquette seminar w/ IMG students

On Thursday, October 9, I had the pleasure of presenting an Interview Etiquette seminar for 17 students in the International Medical Graduate Assistance Program (IMG). IMG is a program dedicated to providing career guidance and support services to international medical graduates seeking to enter the Minnesota healthcare workforce.

What a delight to work with these beautiful young people from all over the world.  Twelve (12) countries are currently represented in the program.

What brilliant minds!
These students expressed their gratitude for the seminar and are eager to learn more about American business culture.  The resounding comment from the students was that I was able to use language that they could understand.  They received tips on understanding the nuances of American English and some of the slang that is now accepted into “everyday” language.

I look forward to coaching them through interviews for internships and residency at the Mayo Clinic and other health care facilities in Minnesota.  These young people are destined to make a positive impact throughout the world.

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