Nina’s Coffee Cafe

Nina's Coffee - Share

Intellectual café I had the pleasure of chatting with June the owner of Nina’s Coffee Café. Nina’s has such a rich history and it’s getting richer.  June shared that this café was created to be “intellectual” space—a spacer were people […]

Know Yourself

Know Yourself

I met with an associate turned friend today. He showed quite an interested in my work called “life etiquette.” He became excited as he shared his views on self-esteem and confidence in women; young women in particular. Admitting that he […]

Resume Writing 001

Resume Writing

Do you remember File 13? Okay, if you are of a certain generation, you do. For those who are Millennials and younger, let me say it this way— Delete, trash, reject. If you do not want your cover letter and/or […]

Etiquette as a Way of Life


As the CEO of your own small business, you need all the help you can get. One locally based African American woman is taking charge by arming herself with top credentials and, through her work, looking to educate both youths […]