Gift Giving

Graduation Gift Giving

Ms. J’s Advice Graduation Gift Giving A couple of years ago I did an online show about gift giving at graduation. The host asked me for suggestions on gift giving. Specifically she wanted to know how much “money” or cash […]

Leave the drama behind: family reunion tips


Ms. J’s Advice Graduation Gift Giving Life Etiquette, it’s all about respect for ourselves, for others and for the world around us.  As a lifestyle expert, I usually view things from an “etiquette” lens. Considering all of the family reunions […]

Getting that first date!


Ms. J’s Advice Graduation Gift Giving Spring is finally upon us, and as the weather warms, people want to get out and connect with others. So what better time than now to discuss dating etiquette? I recently received a question […]

Breezy Point Resort

Coffeehouse at Breezy Point

Annually my husband and I visit Breezy Point Resort for a week-long respite.  Well, we never make it a whole week and this one was the shortest ever for me, literally 24 hours give or take 2 hours. But this […]

Quixotic Coffee

Quixotic Coffee

Key  zŏ tic? quix zo tic? How do you pronounce the name of this place?  Of course I asked; got to get the name right, it’s  \kwik-‘sa-tik\.  You can learn more about the name on the website.  In line with […]

Dining Etiquette


Are all those forks necessary? March 21, 2018 by Juliet Mitchell I receive a question from a client who said, “I was brought up using a fork or a spoon to eat with, not much else. If I was lucky, I got […]

Choice Words


Life Etiquette according to Ms. J January 26, 2018 by Juliet Mitchell I was listening to a local radio station the other day and I heard a song that had an awesome back-beat. I wanted to get out of the […]

Introducing Life Etiquette according to Ms. J


Ms. J’s Advice Graduation Gift Giving When it comes to relationships — whether family, community, the workplace, or the larger world — I have witnessed countless situations that could have saved lots of time and money, headache and heartache if only […]

Cahoots Coffee

Cahoots Coffee

Have you ever been to Cahoots Coffee Bar in St. Paul? Well, you might want to stop in for your favorite coffee, or try a new one like I did this morning –Lavender White Mocha.  Tucked among the Neighborhood Café […]

Savor Coffee, Texas

Savor Coffee Bar and Eatery

On Saturday June 10 2017, I visited Savor Coffee Bar and Eatery, Arlington, Texas.   My barista, Alberto, was more than happy to share with me that Savor has a neighborhoody vibe.  Regular customers come and hang out and visit with […]

The Goat Coffeehouse

The Goat Coffeehouse logo

Today I had a meeting at the Goat Coffeehouse on 7th Street, just off of downtown St. Paul, near Metropolitan State University.  The Goat is three years old, having a rich history; just go in and talk with Chris, the […]

Kopplin’s Coffee Cafe

Kopplins Coffee

Kopplin’s Coffee Café—an independent cafe decorated with local art serving house-roasted specialty coffees & baked goods. Back in the Twin Cities after a jaunt to L.A.  It was late in the day but I had to make my coffee shop […]

Five Watt Coffee Cafe

Five Watt Coffee Cafe

I had the pleasure of visiting Five Watt Coffee Cafe for the first time on Tuesday, May 30, 2017. I say the first time because I will most likely visit them again. Five Watt is a quaint little shop that […]

Black Coffee and Waffle Bar

Black Coffee and Waffle Bar

Since the opening of Black Coffee and Waffle Bar, located at the corner of Marshall and Cretin Avenues, I have had my eyes on visiting.  Just the look of the place–kind of upscale and neighborhoody (I know that’s not a […]

Dunn Brothers – E Lake Street

Dunn Brothers

Today I had the pleasure of having coffee at Dunn Brothers on East Lake Street and West River Parkway in Minneapolis. My barista, Col in, was very nice and personable. When asked about the Dunn Brothers philosophy he said for […]