Introducing Social Education and Life Etiquette™ (SELE™)

Etiquette Training for Everyone

SELE™ provides our clients an active skill set for success in personal, professional and community life.

What Makes SELE™ Unique?

The SELE™ series takes you beyond classic knife-and-fork etiquette.

Results You Can Count On

Developing character, confidence and careers [what’s the fourth “c”?]

First-Hand Advice

Broad experience is always a bonus.

A springboard to personal and professional success, the Social Education and Life Etiquette™ Series (SELE™) is a unique and innovative approach to teaching etiquette. SELE™ offers tips, tools and strategies to build one’s confidence in any social situation. Whether for a college student or corporate executive, a person being released from a correctional facility or a fellow community member, SELE™ gives participants practical knowledge, information and skills on how to “be” in any situation—because Manners Are Memorable.

Manners Are Memorable!

Juliet Mitchell is a master etiquette trainer and business coach with clients around the globe. She energizes and informs crowds with her intellect, humor and southern “Ms. J” persona.

Her practical strategies, tips and tools for career and life success can positively affect the bottom line of any business or organization.